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Part 2: Taking a tour of the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum | Tim Dinkins

News-Press Now 07 Aug 2022
Part 1. A visit to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum . Tim Dinkins ... the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum ... Sola Deo Gloria ... Those who believe in the Bible are not trusting in fairy tale depictions of the Flood. They are using scientific observation to study what has been revealed in the Bible to interpret what can be seen in the world around us ... .

10 years on, China's Gen-Z finds the West no longer attractive – polls

The Manila Times 13 Jul 2022
Jin Canrong, associate dean of the School of International Studies at the Renmin University of China, said that those Westerners who criticized China for not having freedom of speech have no idea what's been going on among Chinese social media in the past decade ... study or work.

Boy Noriega's 'Bayan Bayanan' now a musical

The Manila Times 07 Jul 2022
Ava Olivia Santos, a singer, recording artist, and an actor in theater, film and television, portrays a Filipino nurse, struggling to carve a better life for herself abroad, seeking a fairy tale love. Noriega wrote himself into the story as Dino, a scholar sent to study abroad on ...

Watch now: How one Lincoln school is looking to revitalize Catholic education

Fremont Tribune 29 Jun 2022
The first phase, which will start in August, will focus on history, language arts and religion, with nature studies, science and math to follow. The lower grades will study the Age of Antiquity — Ancient Greece and Rome — and will be introduced to literary fairy tales, in addition to stories about the early church.

New Getty Center Show Looks at How Medieval Manuscripts Influence Pop Culture, From ‘Game of ...

The Hollywood Reporter 19 Jun 2022
11, tracks the evolution of the fantasy genre in modern entertainment and how medieval traditions and costume studies have birthed an entire artistic universe. Hand-written manuscripts illuminated with precious metals and populated with fairies, wizards and goblins are on display alongside the art of creators including the Brothers Grimm, J.R.R.

How heat damages the DNA of endangered purple-crowned fairy wrens

The Observer 14 Jun 2022
Endangered purple-crowned fairy wrens – tiny but striking Australian songbirds – could be at even greater risk from global heating after a study found that exposure to hot and dry conditions damages nestlings’ DNA ... Eastwood and his colleagues looked at climate models to see how the temperatures could change for the fairy wrens.

Simply step outside for nature play

The Courier Times 14 Jun 2022
A colleague describes herself as “a friend of the fairies” growing up; she made small tents of sticks and rocks at the base of trees. These were meant to be home to woodland fairies as they sprinkled magic around the forest to help plants grow ... She would sit in the ring and make wishes, hoping some fairy magic would bring luck.

Hidden Gems: Marina Warner’s new book evokes vanished glamour of yesterday

NWA Online 12 Jun 2022
Past president of Britain's Royal Society of Literature, Warner specializes in the study of mythology, religion and fairy tales, but also ...

Ukraine: 100 Million Russian Books in Line for Ban. Dostoevsky, Pushkin, …

GlobalResearch 10 Jun 2022
To receive Global Research’s Daily Newsletter (selected articles), click here. Visit and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook ...  .   ... some should be kept in university and scientific libraries, where Soviet-era children’s fairy tales and romance novels will be preserved “for specialists to study the roots of evil and totalitarianism” ... .

Evolution could be taking place four times faster than previously thought

AOL 30 May 2022
The fuel of evolution is the amount of genetic differences there are in a species, the scientists – who studied 19 wild animal groups around the world – said ... The study is the first time the speed of evolution has been systematically evaluated on a large scale.

The 'fuel of evolution' is more abundant than previously thought in wild animals

Phys Dot Org 26 May 2022
One reason why previous studies underestimated the evolutionary potential of species is that earlier work did not fully account for individuals that never had any offspring. Doing so required the development of new statistical methods, as well as a meticulous selection of the data used for the study.

The long and gruesome history of people trying to live forever

Yahoo Daily News 02 May 2022
until, finally, it strangles us ... Learn more, at your own peril, in his treatise "Life; a Study of the Means of Restoring Vital Energy and Prolonging Life." ... However, if you're hoping to live forever, ditch the medieval fairy tales. Study instead the emerging science of cell programming, or "hacking" cells to recode them ... ....

Celebrating the perfectly imperfect parent

Belfast Telegraph 27 Apr 2022
I missed planting the tooth under the pillow, the excitement of that fairy visit and in return of her wee tooth, a few coins ... A study by the University College London found that almost half (47.5%) of women with babies aged six months or younger met the threshold for postnatal ...

Celebrating the perfectly imperfect parent: ‘I shouldn't compare my life to those of the airbrushed Instagram society’

Belfast Telegraph 27 Apr 2022
I missed planting the tooth under the pillow, the excitement of that fairy visit and in return of her wee tooth, a few coins ... A study by the University College London found that almost half (47.5%) of women with babies aged six months or younger met the threshold for postnatal ...

'Spirituality is a science, neither mythology nor religion'

India TV 12 Apr 2022
It is the study of the Power that gives us life, the Power that gives us breath, without which there would be death ... Unfortunately, because 99% of this world is spiritually blind, we don’t realize that spirituality is not just some myth, some fairy tale. It is a science and those who study this science realize that we are not the body, mind and ego.

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